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Johnson’s Point, St. Mary
Antigua BWI

The Sunshine Home for Girls is located on the beautiful island of Antigua, BWI which is operated by the Salvation Army – Antigua division.


The home currently has 12 girls ranging from the ages 5 -17.  Most of the girls are there for long term and a few are short term whom are here for a variety of reasons.  Major Claudette Allwood and the Antigua social services work hard to reunite each girl with their family.  If this is not possible they will go to the nearest willing and able relative.  The girls who are close to graduating from high school will be given the proper tools after graduating to live on their own.


Major Claudette Allwood, Administrator took time out of her busy day to show us around the property. Major Allwood mentioned how the home was originally a school and was converted into the girl’s home.  Currently the home is at its maximum capacity of 12 girls, one house mother and an administrator.

In the rear of the property she has a chicken coop filled with chickens which brings in additional financial support from the sale of the eggs to the people in the area. There is a garden which is growing corn, cabbage, peppers and herbs. Also in the back yard there is a shed that is not being used do to a wind storm a year ago that damaged the roof.  The front yard has the bright colors of the island’s native flowers.


Inside the home most of the walls have been freshly painted and most of the bedroom doors are new.  However, work still needs to be completed; the painting and a few other doors.


On this trip to Antigua we brought hygiene products such as soap, feminine products, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes, panties and fingernail polish. During our visit we had an opportunity to speak to the girls about what there likes and needs are.   A few of the girls spoke up and mentioned bras, jeans, and sandals. There was a major consensus among all the girls that they all liked the fingernail polish we brought.  In a privet conversation, Major Allwood mentioned that she has a local handyman willing to donate his time to replace the roof on the shed but she still needs the building materials.  In order to house all the donations and supplies properly the roof of the shed needs to be replaced.  This will clear out her office and the girl’s computer room.   To improve the garden top soil is needed and a tree to be removed from the side of the property which was up rooted due to the same storm that damaged the shed roof.  This tree is being supported with boards so it would not lean on the house.  The greatest need for these girls are bras of all sizes.  Children size panties are needed also. 


It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the Sunshine Home for Girls and I’m looking forward to blessing them with their needs in the upcoming months. 
Respectfully Submitted
Tanaya Henry,
Supply Captain
Walters Memorial – W.H & O.M.S  

The wall reads…..

“Life is a sisterhood. A blending of souls vastly different yet so alike. Fitting together in perfect harmony together, we’ve been through it all but the challenges only bring us closer together, We are strength together. Life is good, better than good together, life is a celebration”