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The roll of the Lay Council is to support the boards and ministries that are already in place within the church..  Think of the lay council as an auxiliary to the churches mission of uplifting the work of Christ.  During a local Lay council meeting you will learn the different aspects of our denomination while growing in Christ.
All are welcome and encouraged to participate and become a member of Walters Local Lay Council.


The Mission Statement

The mission of the Connectional Lay Council of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is to prepare and equip laity for life discipleship in the Kingdom of God by maintaining effective ministries that evangelize, encourage and edify laity.  

The Vision Statement

As servants of the Most High God, and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ that are guided by the Holy Spirit, the vision of the Connectional Lay Council of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church is to prepare the lay members of our denomination for a life of service in the Kingdom of God. We will do this by:

  1. Developing ourselves and others as Christian disciples;
  2. Helping others to know, worship and follow Christ in spirit and in truth;
  3. Collaborating and cooperating across organizational, institutional and denominational boundaries to minister to the masses.
Our motto “Come with us to Christ” is the impetus for implementing ministries that are positive in transforming people’s lives spiritually, socially and economically; in promoting fellowship with God and other believers, as well as those who are not saved.  We affirm our belief that no one is too old, too young, too rich, too poor, too saved or even too lost to benefit from the ministries offered by the Lay Council.
Local Lay President
-Shelley Henry
From the Connectional Lay Council AMEZ Church Handbook, revised – 2009
Mrs. Yvonne A. Tracey, General President, retired
The Right Reverend Kenneth Monroe
Chairman, Board of Lay Activities