August 2017
 Several Walters members had planned a vacation to Jamaica for this past August. They decided to try and partner with a church or agency in Jamaica and bring needed donations as an outreach project. Walters Missionary Dept. collected enough first aid supplies to fill a large suitcase to bring to Jamaica!  

     Members Colin Francis, Stephanie Francis, Donna Gamble, and Antoinette Smith are shown here with Elder Ransford Allen of Davis Cove S.A.D. Church, in the parish of Hanover, and the town of Lucea.

The church, while still under construction, holds weekly services and operates a soup kitchen. They also serve as a local shelter when needed. The elder expressed such heartfelt gratitude for our donations. We left feeling so good about being to help our brothers and sisters in Christ and hope to continue helping them in some way.


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Stephine Frances