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   All Classes Meet 
9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


Persons of all ages are encouraged to memorize and apply the monthly Proverbs to their lives.
Local Director
Brenda Collins
Minister of Christian Education
Rev. Carolyn Rogers
Welcome to the  Christian Education Department.
Sunday School sometimes referred to as Church School, meets every Sunday morning.

Our classes extend across all ages beginning with the Beginners Class, age 2-5, Primary Class age 6-9, Junior Class age 10-12, Senior Class age 13-19, Young Adult Class  age 20-45 and  Adult class age 45+.  We are excited to be able to meet the needs of all who may be interested in attending.  

We ask you to please consider Walters Sunday School for a rewarding experience as you study the word of God, in turn building a strong foundation for yourself and your love ones.   Our theme for the conference year 2015-2016 is “Christian Fellowship”.


Director of Children
– Brenda Collins
Beginners Teacher Ages 3-5
– Charita Gant
Primary Teacher Ages 6-9
– Pam Sanders
Junior Teachers Ages 10-12
– Yasmina DeLa Cruz
Senior Class Ages 13-20
– Vernita Williams
Adult Teacher Ages 46 and up
– King Rogers
Young Adult Teacher
Ages 21-45
– Centry Gamble
– Tanaya Henry
1st Sunday Class Teachers
Women – Rev. Rogers
Men – Century Gamble and King Rogers
Support Staff
Wanzana Lamar
Barbara Hatton

The Doris Edmundson Nursery (DEN)

The DEN is our church nursery.  This is a space for babies and mommies.  The DEN is always opened even if the door is closed, meaning if you need to come in with your baby or toddler to give them a break, change clothes or diapers, put someone down for a nap, get a snack or just play the DEN is for you.

The DEN is a safe place for our little people to enjoy so, you can also leave them with competent staff and go into service and enjoy the word.

Children’s Church


Children’s church is available for children ages 3- 12.  Children.  It is an inclusive opportunity for children to receive the word of God with an engaging individual experience.  We are excited to offer this interactive class to all children that fit the age criteria.  The children learn the necessary tools to support them daily.  Some  examples of  necessary tools  are the Lord’s prayer, the 23rd psalm, the Affirmation of Faith and most importantly how to implement these tools as they go about their lives.  The lessons are fun and filled with information that is useful.  Walters Children’s Church has been available to families  approximately 25 years.   We  are so blessed to be able to continue to include this very necessary service in the life of the church.


Young Adults Class

Our goal is to enhance the spiritual growth of the class members to make them Disciples of Christ and for each member to be  about the ministry that God has Called them to be a part of.
During the summer our main focus will be working on our spiritual gift and how will our gift  uplift the kingdom of God.

Adult Class



You try faithfully to read and study your Bible, yet you still wonder, How can I study the Bible so it really makes a difference in my life? Or What’s the best way to dig into the Word?

There’s no more important skill you can cultivate than handling your Bible with understanding and accuracy.  There’s no greater joy than digging into and discovering biblical truth on your own.  And there’s no part of life that a deeper and wider grasp of God’s Word doesn’t touch.

In teaching from John MacArthur, How to Study the Bible;  takes you on a fascinating exploration of God’s Word to reveal its glorious attributes.  All adults ages 46 and over are welcome and encouraged to come.