…A look at the past as we take steps for our future…  Walters has been a citadel of Zion Methodism and a landmark for freedom in Bridgeport, CT for decades.  The A.M.E. Zion Church has been organizing and growing since its inception.   In 1796 the first church organized and the first church structure was built in New York City in 1801.

Walters Memorial was organized by a group of faithful members that parted with its predecessor, Bethel Church, which was then located on Broad Street.

The members of the newly organized church met at different members’ homes until they built the edifice at Gregory and Broad Streets. It was 1858 that Rev. Gable Rice, then the pastor, purchased twins houses on Liberty Street. The two structures were then moved to Broad and Gregory Streets where one structure was used for the parsonage and the other used for worship.

In 1882, construction of another building under Rev. Haines, Pastor, took place.   Later the building was dedicated in memory of its Pastor and Bishop, Alexander Walters.  The same edifice was refurbished in 1951.

This year, Walters will celebrate 180 years in making a difference in this community and ministering in the City of Bridgeport.